Torrential tribute vs dark hole of calcutta

You might think it strange that were doing an article specific to torrential tribute. The effect of battle fader which special summons it and the effect which ends the battle phase are not treated as resolving at the same time. You come into my domain like a bunch of berserkers and expect me to assist you. Suppose that majestic star dragon negates the effect of the six samurai yaichi. This card cannot be activated when a monster is normal set you can activate torrential tribute even if a monsters is special summoned facedown by an effect like the shallow grave or cyber jar. The legend of dark magician girl the dragon knight so, i made up a timaeus deck centered around dmg dragon knight, and threw in the summoners as well from the new super starter. Deep dark trap hole is what youre looking for here. Well, the fact is its more powerful than similar cards, like dark hole, because its extremely disruptive to the opponents plays, and more splashable than the decks that.

Which is better trap hole or bottomless trap hole answers. Its different cuz torrential can deal with the entire board at any point it is assembled or added to. Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. The black hole of calcutta was a dungeon in fort william, calcutta measuring 4. Does grapha dragon lord of dark world destroy a card if. Turns out, the answer is a lot more people than youd think, including some players good enough to make it to the top 64 of the biggest tcg tournament of all time. John zephaniah holwell, one of the british prisoners and an employee of the east india company, said that, after the fall of fort william, the surviving. Giant trap hole or torrential tribute vs qliphorts. Torrential tribute does not target anything, so can destroy tyrant dragon.

After all, who doesnt know how devastating it can be. Ebenezer crowley looked on at his opponent despairingly. Torrential tribute and bottomless trap hole can only be used in response to a monsters summon. Konami cross media ny is responsible for brand management, licensing, and marketing of the yugioh. If you are looking for discard outlets, go for raigeki break since it is more disruptive, which is crucial. Much like dark hole, this can hit your monsters, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. With a d fissure or macro on the field this would be great. These both seem like great cards to activate after a pendulum summon, should i consider siding this. Anyway, torrential tribute sat at 1 for a long time. When all six samurai monsters and great shogun shien would be destroyed simultaneously by torrential tribute dark hole etc, you cannot use the substitution effect to destroy another six samurai monster. Asked in video games, animated tv series, cheat codes. Attacking a monster does not summon it note that if the monster is. Its a good out if youre being swarmed and have fewer monsters out, or even none at all. The legend of dark magician girl the dragon knight yugi.

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