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Western chemical corp divisional performance measurement c by william j. Research report divisional performance measurement. This report presents the research findings of a postal questionnaire relating to the application of the controllability principle and divisional performance measurement in uk companies. The way in which the central management of an organization measures the performance of each of the individual divisions in.

It is one aspect of what we call the organizational rules of the game, which consist of 1 the performance measurement and evaluation system, 2 the reward and punishment system, and 3 the system for partitioning decision rights among individuals in an organization. Back log in to save to my learning log in to commentreflect like. The nature and content of the performance measures that are used to evaluate divisional managers performance. Divisional performance measurement includes the objective and subjective assessments of the performance subunits of an organization such as divisions or departments. Divisional performance measurement american institute of. The manner in which divisional performance is controlled and measured is, therefore, of particular importance.

Performance measurement is one of the critical factors that determine how individuals in an organization behave. This paper discusses five common divisional performance measurement methodscost centers, revenue centers, profit centers, investment. Divisional performance measurement mba knowledge base. The main rationale advanced for the use of residual income in divisional performance measurement is its consistency with the net present value npv criterion for decisionmaking. An examination of the potential explanatory factors article pdf available in ssrn electronic journal march 2001 with 1,915 reads how we measure reads. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. This classic by the formulators of agency cost theory discusses five common divisional performance measurement methodscost centers. A central issue of performance reporting is whether divisional. Many organizations use return on investment roi to measure divisional performance. Lecture 12 divisional performance measures and transfer. The following article will guide you about the two methods adopted for measuring divisional performance. Performance measurement is generally defined as regular measurement of outcomes and results, which generates reliable data on the effectiveness and efficiency of programs.

The measurement of divisional performance in decentralized companies has come to be generally practised by means of a single index of divisional profitability. We analyze the peculiar characteristics of common divisional performance measures associated with what are often called cost centers, revenue centers, profit. However, much of the research relating to divisional performance measurement is approximately 20 years old. This paper examines five common divisional performance measurement methods. Roi expresses divisional profit operating profit as a percentage of assets employed in the division. Donnelly, m, 2000, a radical scoring system for the european foundation for quality management business excellence model. Resources human resources, employee time, funding used to conduct activities and. The management accounting literature distinguish between the economic performance of a division and the performance of its manager. Divisional performance measurement are effective in ensure that a strategy of organisation is successfully implemented by monitor a divisions effectiveness in satisfying its own predetermined goals or stakeholder desires. Lecture 12 divisional performance measures and transfer pricing free download as powerpoint presentation. Chapter 17 divisional performance evaluation chapter summary this chapter is the second of two chapters on performance evaluation. Divisional performance measurement oxford reference. Specific knowledge and divisional performance measurement. Western chemical corp divisional performance measurement c.

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