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Johnny uses his sisters time machine to visit blackbeard the pirate, and he ends up helping his brother nobeard. The johnny test theme song 1 is the first theme song used in the johnny test cartoon. Johnny test started its second season on october 28, 2006 with hoist the johnny roger and johnny s turbo toy force and ended on may 12, 2007 with episodes johnny x strikes again jx4 and johnny vs. Johnny test season 6 episode 1 johnny on the clock full. Johnny sneaks into moms lab and inadvertently releases a missile. Johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of the earth and johnny x jx1. The girls create a themeometer that turns real life into movies. Johnny is on the verge of giving up, when suddenly his monster gets bigger and comes to life. Johnny test season 6 episode 1 johnny on the clock full episode.

I wanted them to have some shows to watch on my kindle fire when we are out of the house running errands or to keep them occupied during long car rides. Onetime johnny test characters johnny test wiki fandom. Dansk deutsch espanol euskara francais italiano latina magyar. A school counselor insists johnny and his dad go camping for some fatherson bonding, but to get out of it, johnny turns dukey into a woodlands beast to scar. Watch johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the. Watch johnny test episodes online season 1 2006 tv guide. The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Watch johnny test episodes, get episode information, recaps and more.

Johnny felt a feeling of happiness and warmth go through his body. Johnny s simple chore turns into an allout, souped up lawnmower race with his sisters, the agents, dark vegan, mittens, and brain freezer. Johnny and dukey assume their superhero identities, johnny x and super pooch, in order to save susan from the evil clutc. Johnny cant figure out how to spell go at the spelling bee, so insists his sisters make him smart. So he asks his sisters to build him a sleep ray that will put him to sleep 1 million times faster. When johnny accidentally loses his dads new camera, he must journey to the center of the earth to retrieve it before dinner time, or he will be grounded. Johnny test is an americancanadian animated series. Johnny test johnny arrete le temps s6 ep01 youtube. Big history test tomorrow and johnny hasnt studied. Johnny test season 6 johnny s next episode by crazyhacksandeps. Imagine having a lollipop that gives you the strength of a hundred men, or a rocketpowered backpack that can send you to the moon, or genetically altering your dog to make him talk. Johnny test season 6 johnny opposite by crazyhacksandeps. Johnny transforms into a dodgeball champ after the girls design a bionic arm for him. Johnny test trailer the suburban adventures of a fearless 11yearold who thwarts a spoiled, rich kids evil schemes with help from his genetically engineered dog and genius twin sisters.

It premiered on kids wb, on september 17, 2005, which continued to air the. Good ol johnny test johnny x strikes back again 22m. Johnny and dukey compete against everyone in porkbellys halloween hullaballoo trickortreat contest in order to win the ultimate prize, the entirely edible big rock candy mountain. Watch all 37 johnny test episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Home johnny test season 1 episode 1 tv season page.

Watch johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of the earth johnny x. Add to watchlist johnny to the center of the earth. Johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of the earth. Animation, for the first season, and cookie jar, for the remainder of the series. Its valentines day and the girls latest love potion has backfired, turning everyone in porkbelly into kissing zombies. I bought this season because my kids, ages three and four, love watching johnny test on cartoon network. She was thinking of a little test for johnny before leaving. Dukey and johnny try to invent something that will make johnny stronger and braver than bumper.

When johnny accidentally loses his dads new camera, he must journey to the center of the earth to retrieve it before dinnertime, or he will be. The beast is the new scary blockbuster freaking everyone out. Johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of the earth and johnny x jx1 in english skip navigation. It was used only during the first season, from the episode johnny to the center of the earth, up until the first seasons finale, johnny and the attack of the monster truck, running exactly 26 episodes. Johnny test is an americancanadian animated television series produced by warner bros. Johnny test season 6 episode 5 johnny and the beanstalk johnny and bling bling bond bond. In order to save gil and the others in pork belly, they have to give johnny and dukey some cool super powers. Johnny test has a long history of including a multitude of onceappearing characters. He needs to stay home from school so hes got to get sick fast. Johnny test tv show season 1 episodes list next episode. Crafty 11yearold johnny test and his genetically modified talking dog go on highoctane adventures to save his family and the world from disaster. Johnny cant believe his luck, while dukey cant believe this can be a. Jhonny test francais episode 49 saison 4 patie 1 youtube.

The following is a list of quotes for the first season johnny test. Johnny test full episodes 1 hour compilation season 5. Loser mows the winners lawn forever johnny wants to prove to sissy he has the cooler treehouse so borrows some his sisters building clones to create the hippest teen hangout, only to find its too popular. Johnny test johnny cruise and rated j for johnny by zakarywwenexus24. Contentsshow minor villians humans blackbeard nobeards brother and the son of graybeard. While the pilot has never been released or aired, a promotional commercial in 2005 with some scenes of the pilot and original voice. Some of these characters have made cameos in the original theme song of the series as well. Johnny test season 6 johnny s 100th episode by crazyhacksandeps. Susan and mary give gil a piece of their special love bubble gum, but by accident, it makes him transform. In order to see its first season, this is the first season to use adobe flash instead of digital inkandpaint.

Johnny travels to the center of the earth to recover a lost camera, uses his sisters ingenious shrinkray machine with disastrous results and more. Johnny and dukey become superheroes to save gil, who susan and mary turned into a gorilla. This was the only season to be animated utilizing digital. For this johnny test seasons 1 5 the dvd menu system is very flawed. After you pick epsiodes and then pick 1 specific epsiode and watch it. Season 1 guide for johnny test tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary.

Johnny doesnt realize the girls have switched his glass of water with the side effect of their behavior modification serum hoping he would drink it. Johnny test started out as the preexisting, original test pilot episode of the show in 2004 on syndication, just before kids wb picked it up as a full series. Johnny test chronicles the adventures of an inrepid 11yearold boy. Johnny test season 1 episode 4 watch online the full episode. Johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of the earth and johnny x. Johnny test season 1 episode 1 johnny to the center of. Johnny x is the 2nd episode of the johnny test cartoon, and the second episode of season 1. Johnny cant wait to see it but its rated nwkucstm, and hes too young. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. Johnny doesnt think its fair that susan and mary get to skip a day of school and go to work with mom, so he and dukey sneak into the aeronautic robotic propulsion lab and meet up with the girls. Johnny s dog, dukey, cant help but get jealous when johnny takes reptoslicer, johnny s new pet, to school for show and. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.

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