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Performance the series n pump range has two pump head displacements, 2. Switching regulator and general purpose symbol vcbo vceo vebo ic ib pc tj tstg ratings 900 550 7 5pulse10 2. Silicon npn triple diffused planar transistor high voltage switchihg transistor application. S8050 is npn transistor commonly used in push pull configuration with class b amplifier. Download book 200 transistor circuits talking electronics. Should you find any info that can fill in any of the blanks in the matrix below. How to read a datasheet prepared for the wims outreach program 5602, d. The operating characteristics of a transistor are all found on its data sheet.

Tube ac 128 or rohre ac128 id33948, transistor, wires and poweroutput shown. Hfe has minimum and maximum values, though both may not be listed. M9642, the full number is 48869642 and now you can cross reference the transistor. Electrically similar devices, such as the mmbt3904, are available in a variety of small throughhole and.

Instead, a somewhat arbitrary coding system has grown up, where the device package carries a simple two or threecharacter id code. Bc549bp datasheet, equivalent, cross reference search. It is defined as a gain because a small signal at the base produces a much larger signal at the collector. The 2n3904 is a common npn bipolar junction transistor used for general purpose lowpower. There was a 120ma constant current regulator and i used many transistors on that to test its heat passing 120ma current through ce. Alternatively equivalents to these transistors would help. In this circuit, a transistor essentially equivalent to, voltage regulators an80sh singlechannel stepup or stepdown dcdc converter control ic, converter control ic. Ck722 classic germanium transistor webpage and museum index. Try findchips pro for free transistor equivalent book 2sc. Sn75468, sn75469 darlington transistor arrays slrs023b december 1976 revised september 1995 32 post office box 655303 dallas, texas 75265 schematic each darlington pair com c 7. Bc549bp transistor datasheet pdf, bc549bp equivalent.

Entire books have been written about the 555, though it is often used when. The 2n3904 is an npn transistor that can only switch onethird the current of the 2n2222 but has otherwise similar characteristics. The 2n3904 exhibits its forward gain beta peak at a lower current than the 2n2222, and is useful in amplifier applications with reduced i c, e. All nle series stages are machined from 6061 aluminum alloy to provide a light yet stiff and stable linear slide. So lets see how an npn transistor works in active mode. I can order the part with the nd at the end or not. Please consult the most recently issued document before initiating or completing a design.

High power npn silicon transistor stmicroelectronics. Free packages are available maximum ratings rating symbol value unit collector. Silicon npn power darlington transistor stmicroelectronics preferred salestype npn darlington high current capability integrated antiparallel collectoremitter diode description the device is a silicon epitaxialbase npn power transistor in monolithic darlington configuration. Semiconductor transistor, diode, ic cross reference. A transistor is a solid state device made by joining three positivetype and negativetype semiconductors together. Each consists of highvoltage output 100 v seven npn darlington pairs that feature highvoltage. Builtin low voltage protection circuit which ensures the onresistance during the power mosfet operation. The links at left may help you to research your own replacement transistors.

Is there anything available to see if a particular transistor can be replaced with a different one. These transistors are specially used for little high current, max rated 800ma. Bipolar junction transistor physics and radioelectronics. Download ic database equivalent guide 100 thousand components. The drive nut offers zero backlash operation that automatically adjusts for wear to insure zero backlash for the life of the stage. Ti, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and. Need to know if the part can handle the frequency or give you the gain you need, look at the data sheet. Semiconductors data sheet book, halfpage m3d111 2n4036 pnp switching transistor 1997 jun. Complete specifications are provided in the form of data sheets and. The product status of the devices described in this data sheet may have changed since this data sheet was published. This data sheet and its contents the information belong to the members of the premier farnell group of companies the group or. Classic germanium transistor website and museum the ck722 holds a unique place in the history of the transistor.

Fds8984 nchannel powertrench mosfet 2007 fairchild semiconductor corporation fds8984 rev. Data sheet product data sheet supersedes data of 2004 aug 5 2004 oct 25 discrete semiconductors pbss4480x 80 v, 4 a npn low vcesat biss transistor book, halfpage m3d109. Some circuits refer to it but no locateable so far data sheets and an early 1970s selector guide book of mine does not have it. Download ic database equivalent guide 100 thousand. This is a pdf format of the well known hardware pinout book, which covers various computer, electrical and electronic item pinouts.

Ive come across a few parts that have nd at the end of their part number on mouser and digikey. This book presents technical data for motorolas broad line of silicon power transistors. Let us consider an npn transistor as shown in the below figure. Smd devices are, by their very nature, too small to carry conventional semiconductor type numbers. Discrete semiconductors data sheet book, halfpage m3d111 2n4036 pnp switching transistor 1997 jun 19 product specification supersedes data of september 1994 file under discrete semiconductors, sc04 philips semiconductors product specification pnp switching transistor 2n4036 features pinning high current max. Vce limits of the transistor that must be observed for reliable operation. They are intended for linear amplifiers and inductive switching applications. Diodes and transistors pdf 28p this note covers the following topics. Transistor equivalents for the substitution of modern.

The electrical characteristics and equivalent circuit. There are books galore on this but surely someone knows of a site that has them listed and searchable my query is a simple one i have no 2n5551 transistors on hand and i want to see if one in my box will do the job. Features trenchmos technology very fast switching logic level compatible. Ic cross reference cross reference ci stk cross reference ci tda cross reference ci sharp cross reference hitachi audio ic cross reference and circuit applications smd cross reference and equivalent we make every effort to ensure that the material on this site is accurate, however we do not warrant or represent that the information is free. Aug 09, 2016 d1071 datasheet vcbo450v, npn transistor fuji, datasheet, 2sd1071 pdf, d1071 pinout, d1071 manual, d1071 schematic, d1071 equivalent, d1071 data. Application switching packaging specifications inner circuit package taping code tb basic ordering unit pieces 2500 rxh100n03. I found a match for the 2sd1071 in the newark electronics catalog. Aah mmbt5550mmbt5551 smd high voltage transistor npn. Cross reference electronic circuits, tv schematics, audio. I want to share this experience and information with each other to create a blog that helps each other. Recent listings manufacturer directory get instant insight into any electronic component. Package cross reference 88 packing methods 90 minimized outline drawings and reflow soldering footprint 96. Cross reference for ss8050 transistor all about circuits.

Youll learn to identify a transistor, understand the information described in a transistor datasheet, and learn the symbols used to identify the type of tra. The documentation and process conversion measures necessary to comply with this document inchpound shall be completed by february 2014. Transistor equivalents for the substitution of modern transistors in elderly projects. Discrete semiconductors selection guide 2010 diodes, transistors, esd and signal conditioning devices excellence in portfolio and performance. Semiconductortransistor crossreference list peavey. Smallsignal transistors replacement list bc337a bc337 equivalent type bc338 bc337 bc33816 bc33716 bc33825 bc33725 bc33840 bc33740 bc36816 bc63516 bc36825 bc63516 equivalent type bc547a bc546a bc548 bc547 bc548a bc546a bc548b bc547b bc548c bc547c bc549 bc547b bc549b bc547b bc550 bc547b bc550b bc547b bc557a bc556a bc558 bc557 bc558a. Bc547 is a npn transistor hence the collector and emitter will be left open reverse biased when the base pin is held at ground and will be closed forward biased. Sn7546x darlington transistor arrays 1 features 3 description the sn75468 and sn75469 are highvoltage, high1 500ma rated collector current single output current darlington transistor arrays. Bipolar transistor crossreference search equivalent.

Consider the contents of this book as the first mile of a long journey into transistor. Crossreference search result equivalent transistors. Motorola small signal transistor data book 1984 motorola inc 1983 acrobat 7 pdf 47. Preferred device darlington complementary silicon power transistors this package is designed for general. Sn75468, sn75469 darlington transistor arrays datasheet catalog.

Transistors with builtin resistor publication date. How to choose a replacement for a bipolar transistor buy transistors. High power npn silicon transistor stmicroelectronics preferred salestypes description the 2n3771, 2n3772 are silicon epitaxialbase npn transistors mounted in jedec jedec to3 metal case. Preferred device darlington complementary silicon power. May 17, 2016 c5287 datasheet vcbo900v, npn transistor sanken, 2sc5287 datasheet, c5287 pdf, c5287 pinout, c5287 manual, c5287 schematic, c5287 equivalent, c5287 data. Please be sure to request delivery specifications that provide fu rther details on the features and specifications of the products for proper and safe use. December 2003 sjh00018ded 1 unr411x series un411x series silicon pnp epitaxial planar type for digital circuits.

Hello everyone, i am working on a hbridge circuit which uses logic level mosfets. Pchannel depletion mosfets free transistor equivalent book free all transistor equivalent book n mosfet depletion 600v mosfet 800v 10a pchannel depletion mode field effect transistor fairchild power bjt datasheet n power mosfet depletion mosfet nch 200v. Mpsa92 is a high voltage transistor, it can switch loads upto 300v with a very low trigger voltage vbe of only 5v, and this feature makes it. Im trying to update as much information as possible, even if i can not find perfect information.

Texas instruments transistor and diode databook 1st ed 1973 datasheets for diodes from 1n251 on and transistors from 2n117 on acrobat 7 pdf 34. Hex inverters, sn74hc04n datasheet, sn74hc04n circuit, sn74hc04n data sheet. Smallsignal transistor data book, 86 pages, 1984, motorola. Nte2981 drain to source breakdown voltage 100 gate to source cutoff voltage 2. Get your questions answered from other customers who own this product or have experience with it. It is addressed to amateur circuit designer with little or no previous knowledge on semiconductors. It is a blog created to share various information with you in more complete and detailed contents. Quadruple 2input positiveand gates, sn7408n datasheet, sn7408n circuit, sn7408n data sheet.

Usually called the equivalent schematic diagram, this schematic isnt wh at is necessarily in the device, but the device acts as if this was what. Get the best deals on nec transistors when you shop the largest online selection at. Pbss4480x 80 v, 4 a npn low v cesat biss transistor. The drive system utilizes a 303 stainless steel leadscrew with internally lubricated acetal drive nut. Lm195lm395 ultra reliable power transistors datasheet rev. The npn transistor is often operated in active mode because in active mode the npn transistor amplifies the electric current. Discrete semiconductors data sheet book, halfpage m3d111 2n5415. Complete technical details can be found at the datasheet give at the end of this page. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to understand how transistors work and how to design a simple transistor circuit.

The 2n3904 is a common npn bipolar junction transistor used for generalpurpose lowpower. General description this nchannel mosfet has been designed specifically to improve the overall efficiency of dcdc converters using either synchronous or conventional. Discrete semiconductors data sheet book, halfpage m3d186 2n4401 npn switching transistor 1999 apr 23 product specification supersedes data of 1997 may 07 philips semiconductors product specification npn switching transistor 2n4401 features pinning high current. Toshiba catalog page 30, datasheet, datasheet search, data sheet, datasheets, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, semiconductors.

Introduced by raytheon in early 1953, the ck722 was the first low cost junction transistor available to the general public. Please consult the most recently issued data sheet before initiating or completing a design. Ics for cdcdrom player an8377n 3channel linear driver s overview the an8377n is an ic, g c. Inductors for decoupling circuits wound ferrite nl series tdk. Transistor equivalent book pdf free download by corfikome.

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