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I scooped up some old books in the free box at my local library, and straw wreath forms at a local garage sale. Turn an unwanted old book into a beautiful and unique book page wreath tutorial from knick of time. When i first decided on this project i thought i would make a full book page wreath. In developing the party theme of vintage books, burlap and lace, i made this book page wreath for her how to make wreathscrafts to makediy craftsdiy old. After seeing lots of pictures of them all over and loving the look of them, i decided it was time to make one. These are really stiff rods, so it takes some muscle to bend, but the wreath is very sturdy. Follow this step by step tutorial to turn an old book into this stunning folded paper wreath. Lets continue with the actual book page wreath tutorial. A step by step tutorial of how to make a wreath from old book pages. Turn an unwanted old book into a beautiful and unique book page wreath.

Piece of cardboard i just used the top of a large pizza box free ball bearing compass you know, the ones you used in high school math class. Make this rustic old book page wreath with adorable red button accents as a fun addition to your front door for any season of the year. Last year i made a rather large book page wreath to hang over our mantel. The first step is to cut up the pages of your book into squares. A list of all the materials used in the above tutorial can be found. Today i am going to share the tutorial of how to make this simple wreath from an old book.

My favorite place to find these is at goodwill, a local antique store, or at any book resale shop. I was up in pennsylvania and just enjoying the time with my family. Carefully and gradually peel away the adhesive strip and stick the two sides together. Using a pencil, roll your book page from one corner to the next to make a tube. Ive been eyeing these great book page wreaths for a while now, and finally got around to making my own last weekend. I used this tutorial as a starting point, but didnt exactly follow it. The wonderful thing about using book pages to make a wreath is the neutral color l. If you like them as much as i do, then youll also fall in love with this origami old book page wreath or this rustic old book page wreath. I love creating decor pieces out of unusual objects obviously. All it takes to make turn a book into a hidden box is a craft knife, glue, and some patience. How to make a dahlia book page wreath a wonderful thought.

You can use an old book you have around already or even pick up a cheap book at a thrift store. I think i will do this for a christmas wreath with an old book of carols from the thrift store. I have wanted to make a dahlia book page wreath for a while. Gorgeous old book page wrapped wreath with flowers diy. But if youre perfectly happy with repurposing old books, this post is for you. This video shows a cheap and easy way to create a beautiful book page wreath using new or old books, newspaper, or any paper.

Book page wreath tutorial how to make a book page wreath. That wreath also had shredded paper but it was in the form of easter grass rather than a shred book pages. Rustic folded book page wreath with video tutorial diy. This origami star tutorial provides video, stepbystep instructions, and.

My version of the book page wreath satori design for living. Supplies foam wreath books glue gun glue sticks ribbontwine. It might surprise you just how many types of crafts you can create. Gorgeous old book page wrapped wreath with flowers post. How to make a recycled book page butterfly wreath out of pages from a damaged book and branches. You can use an old book you have around already or.

How to make a book page wreath, and a few more book art projects im wanting. Of course, i also have tutorials for making a gorgeous rose old book page wreath that is just a bit different but still stunning to hang up. Diy vintage book page wreath as i stated in yesterdays post, i have been very busy on our halloween decor, so here i am again to share with you all a few more diy projects. Diy luscious wreath made from old book pages the spice.

Diy book page wreath recycle your old books into a gorgeous wreath. Roll a page into a tube, then crinkle the bottom of the tube and glue it. You will need either a 12 inch wreath form, or you can cut one out using. While the weather has turned hot again and the calendar tells us summer has three more weeks to go, i am beginning to make simple transitions in our home toward fall decor. Old book the older the better as the pages will be more yellow and it will give a vintage look to your wreath. You can even repurpose old books into secret safes and hiding places to keep everything from holiday gifts to valuables safe and out of sight.

My supply of old books that would otherwise be thrown away just never seems to end. I tore out about 50 pages from the book and made sure they were ones that had equally spaced texted on either side basically i didnt want a big chapter title or large dark font showing up on my wreath. I love craft projects like this that make something new out of something old. Learn how to make a book page wreath that resembles a dahlia flower. I want to use it in the new musicthemed bedroom for the twins. This book page magnolia wreath, is perfect for your farmhouse. Adorable paper xmas star, diy door wreaths made of rolled book pages, vintage book page garlands and many more upcycled book page christmas ornaments will make your holiday unforgettable. I saw a wreath similar to this a couple of months ago and got an old classical music book that a friend was giving to goodwill to use.

Especially when the end product turns out better than expected. I used about 150 sheets, 7 inches by 5 inches, to cover the wreath form. It is an easy, beautiful and inexpensive diy project. Or use an old book and add a burlap bow for a vintage look. I am totally in love with these old book page crafts, and i have made tons of different wreaths using paper pages. Last year, i made a spring wreath with a cute little bird and some bunting on it. I cut the pages in half since i was using a smaller wreath base.

Wrap it around something round to form the ring, then bend the tips into the shape you see in the photo above. Dont toss old books when you decide to get a kindle or a nook, you can make fun crafts from them, to give as gifts or to decorate your home. Cheap decorating ideas, diy projects january 2, 2017. Im an avid reader and a lover of rustic chic diy so theres something about old book pages that just tugs at my heart. This project takes hours but the results are spectacular. A simple paper wreath can be customized easily with accent flowers and ribbon. All you need is a book or several, if youre using skinny paperbacks, a stapler, a foam board or wreath, and a glue gun. How to make a book page wreath the shabby creek cottage. Using an old book with give you the look of patina that only comes with age. Book page wreath with images book page wreath, book. I knew it would fit in perfect with my late summer mantel.

An elegant and unique paper wreath made from the vintage old book pages. See more ideas about crafts, old book crafts and book wreath. Vintage book pages add a cozy touch to festive fall decor like banners and cute little pumpkins. Book page leaves, especially those aged with patina, make beautiful, easy diy home decor. If folding is fun for you, make this origami book page wreath another option is to make this old book pages star wall decoration or an upcycled old book. If youre looking for beautiful, neutral fall decor ideas, try making your own book page. More unique and untraditional ways of decoration here. If you have not seen some the the super creative ideas people are making with old book pages, you have to check these out.

This diy book page wreath is a great accent to any room, and you can repurpose a discarded book. How to make a book page wreath, a simple step by step tutorial on how to make a stunning wreath very cheap and very easy. So easy and perfect for all of those old books to be put to good use. Beautifully rustic diy folded book page paper wreath youtube. Using an old book will give you the look of patina that only. How to make a book page wreath, and more book art ideas. Keep reading for more info on how to make all 26 diy old book crafts. Book page wreath made in 3 easy steps sparkles of sunshine. After taking down my winter wreath, i had a bare spot on my wall. Especially since i made this during my zero spending month and everything i used to make it came from my craft supply closet. Make a book page wreath in just 3 easy steps, a simple tutorial at sparkles of sunshine. Thats when i decided i would create an easy diy book wreath with a custom sign i created years ago.

X 2 then, crumble them around a pen or a marker to give it the ruffled look. A little glitter goes a long way to make these book feathers pop. For this craft, we chose the handy arrow tr400ws glue gun kit, which allowed for easy access to glue sticks and glue gun from the handy kit workstation for this glueintensive project. Beautiful diy folded book page paper wreath post vibes. Book page wreath book page wreath, book crafts, diy book. I am a lover of old books and words printed on almost anything so it was a given that i would fall in love with this book page wreath when i saw it on the internet. Id just seen a book page wreath on the shabby creek cottage so when i found this old book in my donate pile, i knew i could make my own book page wreath. I love the look of them and i love the story behind them. You know i love a bargain, and this holiday wreath was no exception.

Book page wreath craft with diy all black chalkboard. Book wreath tutorial recycle your old books into a gorgeous wreath. The pages need to be big enough to cut out a 4 x 4inch square. You might also like this rustic folded book page wreath, or this upcycled book page scroll wreath. Let me show you today with this fun project, a christmas book page wreath to add to your holiday decor this season. Here is a recent rustic book page burlap rose wreath. An old book or two, for a total of at least 330 pages which comes to 165 sheets of paper. I love being able to turn such valued items into something new and beautiful instead of seeing them thrown away. Its been a fun two weeks of just enjoying some time with the kiddos and the hubby and taking it.

I also love that fact that is a very cheap diy project to make. This video demonstrates how to make a wreath with the pages torn from an old book. There really wasnt much to this one friends just an old book and a length of twine threaded onto a needle. Iphone dock from old books atthepinkofperfection 5.

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