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He was a dutch composer c1589901657 and his work is a classical recorder composition of renaissance music. Three extant copies of lusthof include a tutor vertoninge. Editions of this work appeared in 1644, 1646, 1649, 1654, and 1656. It is the largest collection of music for a single wind instrument ever published by a single composer.

A standard recorder has seven holes for fingers with the lower ones doubled and one for the thumb. This repertoire forms the main subject of the study. Scottish songs and music of the 18th and early 19th centuries, including music for the highland bagpipe. Doen daphne dover schoone maeght dartmouth college.

Doen daphne dover schoone maeght jacob van eyck fluyten lusthof, amsterdam, 1649 3 4 3 4 3. Jacob van eyck free sheet music to download in pdf, mp3. The recorder tutors in t uitnement kabinet unt digital. Sopranorecorder sheet music book by jacob van eyck. The music it contains is enormously varied with everything from variations on settings of the creed to songs about prostitutes. Jacob van eyck etro 1590 e heusden 26 a viz meurzh 1657 en utrecht a oa ur soner izelvroat. Publication date 1646 topics pieces, dances, airs, variations, for recorder, scores featuring the recorder, for 1 player, dutch language. Courante, of harte diefje waerom zoo stil by armoniae invenzione, luis beduschi johannette zomer on amazon music. As a musicologist, editor and performer whose relationship with the repertory of van eyck spans more than 20 years, wind is in an unassailable position to produce a book such as this. He was one of the bestknown musicians in the netherlands in the seventeenth century as a carillon player, expert in bell casting and tuning, organist, recorder virtuoso, and composer. Chandos records is one of the worlds premier classical music record companies, best known for. There are more than 330 publications contained in about 320 selected from the collection of john glen 18331904. Constantynmndenedelenendehooghgeleerdenhuygens,heere ridder,heeretotzuylichem,secretarisvanzynhoogheyd denprincevanorangien. Jacob van eyck was a blind dutch carillonist, recorder player, and composer.

The first volume 1644 initially appeared as euterpe oft speelgoddinne i. The recorder is a family of woodwind instruments of the group, that includes the tin whistle. New vellekoop edition, edited by thiemo wind, muziekuitgeverij xyz, naarden 19861988. Van eycks source for each song or dance is explained, as is any conflation of sets of variations where more than one exists in the. This repertoire is both loved and feared by professional recorder players today. Stykka er varierte og inneheld folkesongar, dansemelodiar, kyrkjeverk, salmar og songar for dagen. Vereniging voor nederlandse muziekgeschiedenis, utrecht 1991, isbn 9063751516. The appearance of two volumes with different titles was undoubtedly regarded as unsatisfactory. An exhaustive study of van eycks life and musical style, with a detailed listing of the tunes on which the variations are based, their source, texts and translation, and concordances. Music for rest and recovery of the body music for sleep relaxation after a working day duration. They are mostly variation sets on popular tunes of the period, and on psalm melodies. Doen daphne dover schoone maeght played by frans bruggen. Recorder sheet music download over 100,000 files for. In addition, he played the handfluyt, the instrument known today as the soprano or descant recorder.

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